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Abandoned Property Advisors offers a customized approach to help corporations and financial institutions to ensure compliance with unclaimed property laws and regulations in the U.S. and Canada. Our strategy is simple--recommend and provide services that make sense. Our solutions are flexible, adaptive, cost-efficient, and satisfy applicable laws.

It's simple--no two companies are alike. APA's approach and services reflect our client's goals and resources. That's where partnering with a firm focused on the best interests of owners of unclaimed assets, combined with advanced technology is the “sensible solution.”

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Initial Compliance

State and Provincial Governments continually expand and amend abandoned property laws and regulations. Our many years experiences serving major corporations and financial institutions ensures reliable advice when confronted with audits and other compliance challenges.

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Annual Compliance

Companies are required to keep pace with complex and changing abandoned property laws. With a proprietary system, continuously updated as jurisdictional laws pass, APA ensures our clients accurate and timely reporting. Annual

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Due Diligence and Owner Location

With access to millions of public records, Abandoned Property Advisors provides corporations with an efficient method to fulfill due diligence requirements--to update addresses, and facilitate communication with newly located owners.

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Successful solutions to abandoned property compliance dilemmas and audits require careful consideration and expertise from those who understand the laws and regulations, industry best practices, and past precedent.

With more than three decades of experience by its principles, Abandoned Property Advisors, LLC understands what is legal, financially, and logistically sensible for your organization. Working with your executive team, we put our network and resources to work for you..

It takes a sophisticated and reliable system to ensure compliance with complex and varied state and provincial laws. Abandoned Property Advisors system is secure, continually updated, and our experienced staff provides guidance and accurate reporting for all property types. We coordinate with your internal team to facilitate the delivery of reports and property seamlessly and efficiently.

Best industry practices combined with varied due diligence requirements for each property type dictates a thoughtful and thorough effort to locate owners of abandoned property. Abandoned Property Advisors accesses millions of public records and utilizes proprietary location techniques to satisfy SEC, state and provincial laws, as well as reduce amounts reported by reuniting the majority of owners with their assets.

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As of December 22, 2020, Keane Location Services has been purchased by Abandoned Property Advisors, who will now be servicing your account inquiries and asset recovery.

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